Friday, January 8, 2010

Do You Know Where Your Files Are! Not All Scuplting Studios Are Equal

Not all sculpting studios are equal. Varner Studios offers complete A-Z high quality in house service. Many sculpting studios offer 3D scanning, rapid prototyping and digital sculpting but they do not control those services in house. Once they receive a project they use a network of outside services to fulfill the job.

The danger in this is with outsourced 3rd party involvment it is more difficult to keep the project confidential. This could leave an unreleased project more likely exposed to the competitors. Varner Studios offers a service that is truly a one stop in house shop. Varner Studios provides computer generated sculpture – using their own in-house scanners, state of the art rapid prototyping, in house computer sculpting arms and output machines, coupled with 30 years experience with traditional hand sculptures. Varner Studios is best known for producing accurate portraits and likenesses of famous people and characters. The ability to articulate anatomically correct figures without unsightly gaps and cuts is also one of our specialties. At Varner Studios, every single scanning, molding and output capability is in-house, eliminating the need for any third party 3D artists or studios. This allows us to work more efficiently and confidentially without any unnecessary file transfers.

When sculpting in a digital environment, we work in one of four basic ways

• Receive scan data from the client.
• Sculpt from scratch in house.
• Receive 3D files through the client from the animation or video game development house.
• We can use most all animation files; however, some can be time consuming when not water tight.
• Scan in house with one of our five scanning methods

Varner Studios offers printing of the final 3D model on their in house Objet (acrylic) and Thermojet (wax) 3D printers. Varner Studios has full knowledge and materials for all in house mold-making and painting projects. They take pride in actually doing everything themselves and being involved in all aspects of a project to ensure the clients confidentiality and satisfaction.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If You Don't Know The Name Varner Studios, Now You Will

Have you ever heard of Varner Studios? Well, if you love pop culture or collecting action figures chances are you have in your collection a piece sculpted by Varner Studios. Most people don’t know who Steve Varner is or his studios’ contribution to the many action figures that have become iconic toy lines associated with pop culture. Varner Studios is located in Torrance, Ca. and was founded in 1979 by sculptor Steve Varner. Steve was formerly a senior sculptor at Mattel Toys and prior to that a sculptor for the motion picture and television industry. Although many people have never heard of Varner Studios they have been responsible for sculpting many of the action figures children have grown up playing with. They are the “behind the scenes” guys in the toy industry for last 30 years. Steve Varner has made Varner Studios legendary in the toy industry. Varner Studios has sculpted some very famous and highly successful toy lines for most of the major toy companies such as Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek and The Simpsons.

If you want to check out Varner Studios please click on the below link: